A few thing are for sale right now:

I do not have a picture, but I would listen to an offer on the Dentron MLA-2500B. Checks out fine, I would be sorry if I sold it, but I would move it. Tubes seem fine, output is strong. Looks like minimal use on it.. ever!Using it from time to time on 120 volts in shack 800 to 1000 out with 70 watts drive, Almost no grid current flowing, tubes look strong! I would consider selling this beast, might conside something like a ALS-500 M in trade. 

Heres a dandy! I'm going to put better pictures up here soon, this is actually two different keys that I have for sale

This one is a Vibroplex Brass racer, it has the plastic cover is a wonderful key I want $70 for this one.

I have a Scotia key as well, looks just like the Brass racer, but it is the "original" of these keys. I wanted one of these bad when I first saw it in QST. More details available I want $85+ ship for this.

I had two of each of these keys. My original Brass Racer (a gift from my lovely XYL) lasted me for years and was damaged in an accident while portable contesting. I replaced it with a Scotia that was older I had found, the two keys are almost identical. Then I came across another Brass racer and another Scotia. Who needs 4 keys? I am not good enough to use one right. So I am keeping the gift from my wife (and repairing it!) and the older Scotia. The newer Scotia and the fully functioning Brass Racer are what you see here. Well, you only see one right now.