I am located in the Santa Clarita Valley. We are north of Los Angeles in a bowl shaped valley. Not much RF gets to the bottom of the valley.

I usually end up operating portable. I would like to find a good location that I can operate from with a portable tower. Right now I use a cabin at Big Bear Lake. The cabin is on top of Moonridge, It is close to being the highest point up there. The top Big Bear Mountain ski run is Southwest from the cabin and looks to be maybe 200 feet higher, half a mile distance. That is the only place where the elevation doesn’t fall off from the cabin. Because I do not own the cabin it is pushing it to put a tower in. The owner doesn’t seem to mind, nor do the full-time neighbors, but I would hate to lose access by “starting something”! I might put it in just for the contest season and take it down in the spring. A lot of work, but well worth it if I can operate. Right now I will still do portable operations from up there until I resolve the logistics. Latest idea has been to use the old Rohn-Spaulding earth screw anchor design which allows the tower to go up without concrete. Would be abele to tilt over easily as well. Used one of these in Minnesota for years with a 48 foot HDX on it. Never an issue.