Station currently is:

Elecraft K3

Dentron MLA 2500 B, acquired quite reasonably.  

Cushcraft MA 80/40 V

Cushcraft R7

Astron 20 amp linear supply

Alinco switching supply

Current interest is back to portable contesting. Looking at N6BT's new antenna line. Really small 20-10 Yagi and some interesting 40 and 80 vertical dipoles. If I can acquire the cash will try to install this in van with about a 30 foot mast for the tribander. 

Old  station was:

    Yaesu FT1000Mk V: Loaded with filters, currently undergoing W8JI mods

    Yaesu FT-100D: probably not for long... make an offer?

    Dentron Clipperton L: Just got this, have not even plugged it in!

All of this has been sold!   


From home: None! HOA forbids!

SCG autotuner in waterproof box currently testing weather resistance

under largest tree in yard: Electrical testing with multiple ground radials

and about 50 feet of load wire in tree.

Looking at testing the power handling of 26 guage wire (so called invisible wire) in a T loaded vertical. I am wondering if it can handle 500 watts?



Various computers: usually use a Dell laptop that I paid $100 for in contests.

Writelog software